2019 Scout Week Invitation


As you may know, this week is Scout-Guide Week. We 7th Markham Scouts, celebrate the Scouting movement which brings about our exciting scouting program to your children.

Do you know 7th Markham Scouts has a sponsor which has been quietly provided monetary and location support to our group? Have you and your children checked what is on the blue neckerchief which your children wear in each Scout meeting? Our sponsor Rouge Valley Mennonite Church would like to invite all of you and your children to come to celebrate Scout-Guide Week this coming Sunday (February 24th, 2019) with their congregation.

Every year when you attend the Welcome to Scouting in September, the Family Potluck in Christmas and the End of Year Potluck in June, you may wonder who is providing us with such a nice kitchen and hall for our activities. After every group or section hikes at Bob Hunter Memorial Park, you may also wonder how come the chocolate is so hot and refreshing. During the cooking technique meetings, while you and your children enjoy the food your children made, you may also wonder who sits in the room next door the next day. When your children go to Fall or Winter camps, have you ever wondered where all the camp gears are stored and transported from?

Perhaps this Sunday (February 24th, 2019) will be your opportunity to fulfill this curiosity and to complete a Personal Achievement Badge – Community adventure. As a group we will meet at 10:45 am Sunday at Rouge Valley Mennonite Church, 7452 Reesor Road, Markham and join their service at 11:00 am. Please come and join your 7th Markham Scouters this Sunday and hope to see you there. Full uniform will be necessary.


Your 7th Markham Scouters